The 6-Bed Model

6-Bed Residential Treatment Model

When most people envision spending time in a residential addiction treatment center, they typically imagine one of two scenarios. Some people imagine luxury treatment lavish with resort-style living and five-star amenities that is comparable to rehabs you see celebrities attend. Others imagine sitting in a cold, boring clinical facility among 40-50 other clients, receiving care that isn’t tailored to their individual needs. However, at Sheer Recovery, we embrace another option: the 6-bed model.

Our 6-bed model provides clients with access to individually-tailored care at an exclusive, high-end residential facility with engaging therapies and a high staff-to-client ratio. The small bed residential treatment setting is unique to California, but it is one of the most effective treatment settings there is.

What is the 6-Bed Model?

In the 6-bed model, no more than six patients are treated at any given time. By contrast, most residential addiction treatment facilities treat 30, 40, or 50 other people at the same time. Even their small group therapy sessions can involve 10-15 or more individuals being treated by a single therapist.

Since there are so many patients and so few staff, some clients end up getting more care and attention than others. For example, those who are more outgoing or open about discussing personal challenges may be more likely to participate in therapy than those who are shy or reserved. This can result in certain patients falling by the wayside, and failing to receive any real therapy or healing.

In large-bed residential models, clients can easily go through the motions of rehab and be discharged before they are actually prepared to navigate sobriety in the real world. But in a small-bed residential setting, no individual goes unnoticed, and everyone receives equal participation time in therapy. Not only that, but fewer people also means more time dedicated to each person’s recovery.

When you choose the 6-person rehab model, you get more out of your time spent in treatment, your money goes farther, and you have access to highly focused and individually-tailored care that simply cannot be found at a larger facility.

6 bed addiction treatment

Benefits of the California 6-Bed Residential Treatment Model

The 6-bed model is not widespread throughout the United States, but it is renowned in California as one of the best ways to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Smaller, more intensive, and focused addiction treatment programs allow clinical staff to provide more engaging and comprehensive care to each and every person enrolled in the program. Using a holistic approach, the 6-bed program integrates both behavioral and medical healthcare to support whole-patient recovery.

No More Hiding Among Other Clients

One of the most powerful advantages of a small, residential treatment center is that you can’t hide among other patients or fly under the radar. You also can’t shift the focus of a therapy session onto another client because the spotlight is on everyone equally. Although facing your personal issues head-first can be intimidating at first, your participation in therapy is vital for your recovery. Hiding won’t get you anywhere.

Addiction is a crippling disease that often makes people feel as though they don’t need to face the problems their addiction has caused. Even after you have detoxed, old thought processes, behaviors, and coping skills may persist because it takes time to change these things. But if you are hiding and not actively engaged in your recovery, you may not stay sober.

In the 6-bed model, there is no more hiding behind your addiction or the behaviors of other people. Instead, you have a life-changing opportunity to face your difficulties directly, address the root cause of your addiction, and embrace the healthy coping mechanisms that will help you stay sober.

More Treatment Modalities and Highly Individualized Care

Clients at Sheer Recovery’s 6-bed residential treatment facility have access to a wider variety of individual treatment modalities that address their physical, mental, and spiritual health. With fewer people to treat, you will also have the opportunity to cover more topics with your therapist and address other areas of your life beyond addiction.

At a larger program, you will have less time allocated to your personalized care. This means less time to work through trauma, discuss mental health conditions like anxiety or depression, or address problems within your personal relationships with family or loved ones. But in the 6-bed model, you have much more time for intensive and focused therapy.

In addition to the standard behavioral therapies, you will also receive services in essential specialty areas like mental health, trauma recovery, stress management, case management, and more. This will help you address buried emotions as well as the underlying cause of your substance abuse so you can truly recover.

Increased Comfort and Privacy

Sheer Recovery’s residential treatment facility is designed for a private, comfortable experience. During your stay, you will live among up to five other clients at our serene California rehab facility lavish with amenities and lifestyle perks. While such amenities are not required for long-term recovery, they can help make you feel at home.

Comfortable rooms and a home-like environment can increase your comfort level during treatment. And, since you aren’t being treated among dozens of other people, you have an added level of privacy and anonymity that can’t be guaranteed at a larger treatment center.

Similarly, smaller therapy groups are less intimidating than large groups, so you may find it easier to discuss highly personal or sensitive topics that are affecting you. For example, you may be scared to open up about a traumatic event from your past in front of many other people, but in a smaller setting, there is less worry of judgment from others and an increased sense of camaraderie.

A Smoother Transition From Treatment to Life in Recovery

Another benefit of 6-bed residential addiction treatment is the increased ability to make a smooth transition from life in treatment to independent life in recovery. The primary focus of treatment is to recover from addiction, but long-term recovery is impossible if treatment doesn’t address other areas of your life such as spirituality, support groups, housing, employment assistance, and more.

Using the 6-bed model, all clients have access to personalized aftercare planning that provides for a smoother transition out of the residential program. Clients may have access to legal and employment assistance, opportunities to develop their spirituality and establish a sober support network, and referrals to social services or community support networks. Sheer Recovery also offers a full continuum of care including PHP, IOP, and OP that can support the transition out of residential care as well as additional services that can support you after successful completion of the residential program.

In a larger treatment program, the details of your aftercare may fall through the cracks, leaving you susceptible to relapse. But with more one-on-one time with your therapist and highly-individualized care, you will be fully prepared for life in recovery.

Learn More About Our 6-Bed Residential Treatment Program Today

Sheer Recovery’s 6-bed model guarantees that no more than six patients are being treated at a time, paving the way for an immersive and engaging recovery experience in a comfortable, private setting. Whether you’ve been to treatment before and have experienced a relapse or this is your first time seeking recovery, our small, residential addiction treatment center in California can help.

If you or a loved one are ready to begin your recovery journey, please call today to speak with a qualified admissions coordinator. We’re available 24/7 to help you get started.

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