6 Reasons Orange County California is the Ideal Place to Go to Substance Abuse Treatment

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Making the decision to get sober is a huge achievement. Now, you need to make decisions about your treatment and your recovery. Where will you go to rehab? How do you know which rehab center to choose? Should you stay close to home, or should you travel out of state?

Where you go for addiction treatment can impact your life for years to come. Orange County California is at the top of the list for many people’s rehab destinations because of the area’s favorable weather, sunny beaches, an abundance of treatment options, and holistic wellness culture.

Here are six key reasons why Orange County is the perfect place to go to rehab and start your recovery.

1. California Offers a High Volume of Specialized Treatment Programs

California is home to some of the highest-rated and world-renowned substance abuse treatment programs in the nation. People from all over the country come to California seeking recovery from addiction because there are so many quality treatment options to choose from.

Not only are there a lot of rehab centers in the state, but there are also highly specialized treatment programs available that are difficult to find elsewhere. Whether you need dual diagnosis treatment for anxiety or depression and addiction or you’re looking for a non-traditional holistic approach, there are a variety of options available to you.

In other states and rural areas, you may have to look long and hard to find a program that meets your needs. But with ample resources and some of the most skilled therapists in the country, Orange County is the perfect place to get the care you deserve.

2. Orange County, California is Home to an Active, Engaged Recovery Community

Because California is home to some of the best addiction treatment centers in the nation, the state is full of people in recovery. There is an active, engaged recovery community in Orange County so you will have no problem getting the support you need and developing relationships with other people in recovery.

In Orange County alone, there are hundreds of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings each day. Whether it is 6:00 in the morning, in the middle of the day on your lunch break, or even late at night after 9:00, you can always find an AA meeting to attend and get support.

AA isn’t the only option you have for a recovery-based support group, either. Other 12-Step programs, including Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Cocaine Anonymous (CA), and 12-Step alternatives (such as SMART Recovery) hold meetings in and around Orange County on a daily basis.

3. Sunny Skies and Warm Temperatures are Great for Recovery

While the U.S. average for annual sunny days is 205 days per year, there are about 278 sunny days each year in Orange County, California. Orange County also sees less rain than most other states.

In addition to sunny skies, California is home to moderate and warm temperatures year-round. With the average high temperature in July being 83 degrees and the average low temperature in January being 46, you will rarely experience cold, dreary days. Even on cooler days, the sun continues shining through.

You’re probably wondering, “what does sunshine and a warm climate have to do with addiction treatment and recovery?” Well, it impacts your mental health and recovery a lot more than you think!

Sunlight can naturally increase your brain’s serotonin production. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that influences feelings of pleasure and happiness. Since getting regular sunlight can help improve serotonin production, spending just a few minutes in the sun each day can reduce symptoms of depression and improve your mental health.

4. Orange County has 42 Miles of Sandy Coastline For You to Enjoy

Another reason Orange County is a popular destination for addiction treatment is that it offers 42 beautiful miles of California coastline. Some of California’s most popular beaches, including Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, and Huntington Beach are found here. These beaches offer a relaxing escape from the stress of daily life.

Whether you enjoy sunbathing on a hot summer day, swimming in the salty ocean, or watching stunning sunsets, you will benefit immensely from getting sober by the sea. In fact, spending time at the beach can improve your mental health by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

5. A New Environment Means Separation from Triggers and Other Distractions

Many people choose to travel to Orange County, California for addiction treatment because going away from home can provide for separation from triggers and other distractions that may hinder recovery. Going to rehab close to home means constant exposure to people, places, and things that may trigger cravings or unwanted emotions. It also means you know exactly where to go to get drugs or buy alcohol.

In a new, unfamiliar setting, you get to have a fresh start with fewer temptations. This means fewer triggers and things to distract you from your recovery, and more opportunities to focus on what’s most important–your personal healing.

6. High-End Facilities Cater to Luxury Clientele and Offer Personalized Care

Many celebrities, professional athletes, and social media influencers call California their home, so, by default, California rehab centers are prepared to cater to exclusive clientele. Treatment meets the high standards of the rich and famous, providing evidence-based care, personalized treatment, and a host of amenities.

While many traditional addiction treatment centers resemble a hospital-like setting, Orange County rehab centers are designed for comfort and luxury. They also offer amenities like massage therapists, spas, and nutritional counseling so you can feel your best.

At Sheer Recovery, we take our care to the next level by only treating six patients at a time. Our 6-bed model provides clients with access to individually-tailored care at an exclusive, high-end residential facility with engaging therapies and a high staff-to-client ratio. You won’t find this 6-bed model outside of California.

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There is no better time and place to start your recovery than right here, right now. Contact us today to speak with a qualified treatment professional.


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