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Here at Sheer Recovery, you can rest assured that you or your loved one will receive compassionate, expert treatment. Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment team includes licensed therapists, medical doctors, and clinical psychologists, all of whom are dedicated and experienced. Sheer Recovery is therefore extremely well-equipped to treat addiction and dual diagnosis patients with effective treatment modalities that work.

Addiction Solutions

At Sheer Recovery we attack addiction from all angles. Most treatment centers fail to diagnosis the unique cause of addiction. This “one-size fits all” approach results in relapse. With quality treatment, you or your loved one can maintain life-long recovery. We have an incredibly high credentialed staff. Our custom care and holistic approach is what makes our program successful.

Psychological Testing

We conduct a series of psychological tests to assess a patients condition. Then we create a personalized addiction treatment plan. It’s important to determine the real cause of the addiction. We will get to the underlying problems. There might be a combination of mental problems and an addiction. We specialize in determining the correct course of treatment.

Detox, Safety and Comfort

Our Aetna Insurance Approved Drug and Alcohol Detox Center provides every amenity and comfort to make the withdrawal process comfortable. You can begin the process of healing right away. The first week is especially hard physically and emotionally. You might need medication to help the process. We have the resources to make the detox process comfortable. You’ll have 24-hour care.

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Sheer saved my life.

Thank you for being so kind and for always putting ever clients needs in mind. You took such great care of me! I get the privilege of being alumni and it’s an honor!

– Shanna V

You might have come here looking for a rehab in your home state but you should travel to treatment for the best recovery

Use your Aetna Insurance to get the best treatment possible. Traveling to treatment is beneficial in treating addiction, alcoholism and co-occurring problems. There is a psychological component that the person seeking help is away from their problems and negative influences. This physical separation allows the client and staff to address each problem, one at a time in a safe environment.


Traveling to treatment greatly enhances the completion of the entire treatment process. As a person goes through treatment, many get the urge to leave treatment rather than work through what is going on with them.

Being far away from home reduces that urge to leave, as well as gives the staff time to work through the issue that is causing the desire to quit.


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