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Have you been writing off your substance use as no big deal, something you can control? Or do you suspect that drugs like opiates, stimulants and designer drugs or alcohol are no longer a recreational habit, but an addiction that can eventually destroy your life? Understanding your drug and alcohol use and how it fits in the larger framework of substance use disorder and addiction is key to living a healthy life and pursuing treatment if necessary. 

 If you are at this critical juncture and you suspect that your substance use has overtaken your life, then a substance abuse evaluation can be a good first step on the road to recovery. It can help you diagnose your problem and guide you towards an effective treatment plan that will work for you. While a professional who is fully qualified and trained in substance abuse issues is the person to go to for a complete drug and alcohol assessment, you can still get an idea of whether or not it’s time to choose and pursue sobriety with a free substance abuse self-assessment. This isn’t an official diagnostic document, but rather a questionnaire aimed at giving you a more thorough understanding of your substance use and what your next step should be. You can take it on your own, wherever you want and on your own timeline, and the results are confidential. 

Take a Free, Confidential Online Addiction Assessment

Evaluate Your Drug & Alcohol Use with a Free Online Assessment

 At Sheer Recovery, we want to provide you substance abuse evaluations developed from our years of cumulative experience in the substance abuse field. We have used our knowledge and training to create high-quality assessments for drug and alcohol abuse that you can use to get a clear, effective picture of where you stand with your substance use. We want you to take this as an opportunity to truly search and examine your behavior in order to get the most accurate insights. 

Of course, these assessments don’t take the place of meeting with one of our highly trained specialists who can conduct a professional evaluation. When you are ready for that step, we are ready to work with you to build the foundation for your addiction recovery. These online substance abuse assessments are not meant to be comprehensive, but they will highlight the areas of your life you should be paying extra attention to when it comes to drug and alcohol use. 

We also urge you to devote as much time as you need to properly answer the questions on these substance abuse assessment forms. Do not rush through them or just give partial answers, as they won’t reflect an accurate picture of your drug and alcohol use. The assessments focus on specific types of substances, so you can pick the one that most clearly reflects your area of concern.  

As you go through each question, they may cause you to really take stock of the truth behind your habits, thoughts and actions. When it comes to your answers, honesty is always the best policy. Do not worry about trying to get the “right” answer—the only right answer is the one that’s true to your life and your situation. These personalized answers can help direct you towards the treatment program that will best suit your needs and your preferences.   

With the results from these substance abuse evaluations in hand, you will have the knowledge, and the power, to move forward on your quest for sobriety. Taking a self-assessment can be the vital first step on the road to recovery—all you have to do to get started is click on one of the links below. 

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