Christian Addiction Treatment


Sheer Recovery offers a focused Christian recovery program for individuals with drug or alcohol addiction. Our faith-based drug rehab delivers the best of evidence-based treatment with a strong core of faith, reconnecting with God, and a staff of licensed medical practitioners. Our Christian drug rehab program integrates clinical therapies with biblical principles to deliver a unique, Christ-centered recovery program.

Our comprehensive Christian drug rehab track delivers everything you need to overcome addiction while rebuilding your relationship with Christ, so you can heal, mind, body, and soul.

Faith Based Drug Rehab

Christian addiction treatment integrates traditional, evidence-based clinical treatment such as CBT, DBT, and EMDR – delivered within a Christian framework. Rather than receiving treatment and then moving to seek God, Christian-based drug treatment integrates your beliefs into recovery, so that you can make room for God in your recovery from day one. Together, faith and clinical treatment combine to offer powerful motivation and tools to recover.



Detoxification includes medical management of withdrawal and symptoms. It’s an intrinsic part of any faith-based rehab program. Here, you can lean on your pastor, meetings, and your Faith as you move through one of the most physically demanding parts of your recovery. Sheer Recovery is here for you, with medical monitoring, licensed clinicians, and a 1:1 client/patient ratio to ensure you get the physical, social, and spiritual support you need to move through detox and into recovery.


Medication Therapy Management

MTM is one of the most used drug addiction treatments. We deliver MTM as part of some rehab, based on your personalized program. Because every individual at Sheer Recovery receives a personalized program, you may or may not be recommended to a medication management program.


Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapies form the cornerstone of most clinical drug addiction treatment. At Sheer Recovery, our licensed clinicians deliver behavioral therapy programs designed around Christian values to help you build the life skills and behavior patterns to get your life back.


Pastoral Counseling

In addition to traditional group, 12-step, and one-on-one counseling, our Christian drug rehab program offers pastoral counseling. Here, you meet with our pastoral counselor for personal direction, faith-based counseling, and direction towards God’s love and healing power.


Dual Diagnosis

Millions of Americans struggle with a mental health disorder. Those disorders make you more vulnerable to drug use and addiction, so it is crucial that you be able to seek out help for both together. Sheer Recovery offers a dual diagnosis track, with full support for the needs of individuals struggling with multiple disorders.



A 30-day+ recovery program can help you to get your life on track, but it’s not enough to ensure long-term recovery. We commit to you and to your recovery, with a full aftercare program delivering long-term support, relapse prevention, and faith-based meetings with your peers so you stay on track.

Sheer Recovery is proud to offer a full range of Christian recovery. Whether you need outpatient, partial hospitalization, or residential at our beautiful Southern California rehab center, we are here for you. We pride ourselves on delivering custom care, with every drug program tailored to the individual and their needs. Our integration of faith into the program means you get more support, more healing, and more room to heal.

Why Christian Drug Treatment?

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If you or a loved one is struggling with drug addiction, getting help is a logical first step. Most of us need intensive therapy and treatment to recover from a substance use disorder. Taking the additional step of seeking out a Christian-based recovery program means making the choice to integrate God into your new life, from day one. Christian rehab programs like Sheer Recovery deliver more than just psychotherapy and medication, we offer hope and a new path towards life, God’s forgiveness, and a new life.

Finding or reconnecting with God is an important part of your life, but it’s also proven to aid in recovery. Faith, reconciliation with God, and to yourself is a proven means of recovering. In fact, most individuals seeking out treatment approach treatment more positively and with more motivationwhen faith is involved. While this is more true for women than for men, a positive approach to recovery is half the battle.

Other studies show that Christian-based recovery actively helps individuals to stay on track. Persons who identify as highly spiritual are considerably more likely to stay in a program, to be clean after 5 years, and more likely to self-direct in creating and building on sobriety in their own lives. What if you or your loved one aren’t currently very spiritual? Integrating religion and spiritual support into recovery provides a strong framework for social support, social accountability, accountability to God, and actively improve quality of life for individuals who undergo treatment. These factors remain the key to the massive success of the world’s most popular self-help group, Alcoholics Anonymous, which typically uses a Christian-centric 12-Step methodology.


Connecting to God means connecting to your brothers and sisters. At Sheer Recovery, you build a community with your peers in recovery, share bonds, and move through recovery together.

Reconnecting with God

No matter where you are in life, it’s still possible to seek forgiveness, to reconnect with God, and to redefine your life in His light. God is always there, always ready. We help you to move into the mindset you need to connect with Him, move you on your path towards forgiveness, and offer support and guidance along the way.


Our counselors understand the meaning and value of faith. We can help you to rebuild that faith in God, in yourself, and in your family and community. God offers the meaningful framework on which to build a good life, and we can help you to find Him.


Addiction treatment is something of penance, of asking forgiveness, of confessing sins. When you take the step to get treatment, you are admitting that you have strayed, admitting you need help, and asking for it. We will walk with you every step of the way as you move through that process of asking God for forgiveness, of asking yourself for forgiveness, and into reaching the mental and physical state of doing so.

Sheer Recovery delivers a supportive, Christian environment, integrating biblical approaches into clinical therapies and counseling. This gives you the motivation and support you need to move through the stages of denial, guilt, and loathing in recovery, and to embrace forgiveness and Jesus Christ in your recovery.

Recognizing God as an important and crucial part of your life is the catalyst you need for permanently giving up drugs and moving into recovery. Our Christian drug treatment program will help you as you move through your journey. And, with spiritual and social support alongside clinical and medical treatment, we ensure that we treat you as a whole person.

Addiction is dark, lonely, and frightening, but you are not alone. Call us today to get started.

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