Designer Drug Addiction Treatment

Designer Drug Addiction Treatment in Orange County, CA

Designer drugs may sound fancy, but the addiction they can cause is dangerous and requires treatment. Designer drugs are basically synthetic versions of cannabinoids, hallucinogens and stimulants—they are sometimes referred to as legal highs because they don’t fall under the same regulations as the usual versions of these drugs. They also go by a variety of slang terms—bath salts, spice and meow-meow, among others. These types of drugs have been especially popular with younger people because of their easy availability. 

 Designer Drug Addiction Symptoms 

 Depending on the type of designer drug used, side effects can be severe—they can include tremors or muscle spasms, altered mood, heart palpitations or arrhythmia, paranoia, insomnia and delusions. Because the drugs are often taken in multiple doses, there is the chance of toxicity, which can trigger significant health problems such as renal failure, pulmonary edema or even death, depending on the substance and how much was taken. Designer drugs, like their non-synthetic counterparts, have the potential to cause tolerance, which can lead to cravings and increased dependence resulting in substance use disorder. Because of all these reasons, it’s important to seek out help for abuse or misuse of any designer drug at a drug addiction treatment center. 

 At Sheer Recovery, we offer treatment for drug addiction that can help break the abuse of designer drugs. It starts with medically supervised detoxification, overseen by our experienced staff members who provide around-the-clock support in a safe and secure environment.  

 Once the detox phase is complete, you gain the tools you need to achieve a life of sobriety during our in-house treatment program. A case manager and therapist partner with you to help you get to the roots of your addictions, empowering you to make lasting, healthy change in your life. This is a holistic program, meaning it addresses your physical, mental and emotional needs. You will also start forming the healthy habits you’ll need for life outside the program, going to group meetings, creating an exercise routine and more. All of these treatment approaches for drug addiction take place in our executive-level homes with top-notch amenities that ensure you feel comfortable throughout the process. 

 After you leave our drug addiction treatment center and go home to your normal life, Sheer Recovery is still there to help you on your journey to sobriety. Our outpatient program can provide you with group and individual therapy sessions, as well as education about mental health issues that can co-occur with addiction, also known as dual diagnosis treatment. You can learn coping strategies you can rely on during everyday life and ensure you have the partners and support network in place that will work with you as you continue to build a sober lifestyle.  

 Designer drugs pose just as much of a health risk as the real things, and their use should not be written off as something kids do just for fun. If you or someone you love is addicted to designer drugs, don’t hesitate to contact Sheer Recovery today. 


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