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Detox and Residential Stabilization

Upon admission the client enters our Detox and Residential Phase.  Our detox properties offer the following accommodations: sweeping ocean views, private and semi-private rooms,  well prepared meals, 24/7 staff support,  swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and many other amenities.

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The support of a comfortable environment is important, but only supplements the overall process.   In Detox the physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms must immediately be addressed.   We begin with a comprehensive toxicology report

Once we have an understanding of what toxins are in the body you will have a face to face meeting with our Doctor.  The doctor and staff will provide a customized detox plan that will work best for you individually.  A typical detox process will range from five to ten days.  Our goal is to remove all of the toxins in your body safely and comfortably.

At the completion of detox you will be ready to begin treatment activities such as working with a case manager, therapist and group work.  This stage is where the foundation for your recovery begins as we address not only the physical but the emotional and psychological effects of the disease.

The Detox and Residential stabilization process typically ranges from 7 to 30 days.


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Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation & Detox Centers - San Juan Capistrano


Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Center - San Juan Capistrano
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