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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in California with HealthNet Insurance

A major barrier that stops people from seeking addiction treatment is the cost of rehab. The price of addiction treatment can be steep, but if you have health insurance, your treatment will be partially or fully covered by a provider that is in-network with your health plan.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) mandate that insurance providers must provide comprehensive coverage for mental health and substance use disorders. However, to ensure you get the most coverage possible, you must attend an addiction treatment center that is in-network with your insurance.

If you have HealthNet insurance that you received from a family member, employer, California Covered, or Healthcare.com, your addiction treatment at Sheer Recovery most likely will be covered under your health plan. Sheer Recovery is a licensed and Joint Commission-accredited drug and alcohol rehab provider in Southern California that is in-network with HealthNet. Unfortunately, we do not contract with Medi-Cal or Medicare-issued plans.

Does HealthNet Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

HealthNet of California provides comprehensive health insurance coverage for nearly three million Californians. They offer a variety of different health plans, including Medi-Cal, Medicare, and individual and family plans.

Plan types offered by HealthNet include:

  • Individual and family plans – These are private health plans for individuals and their families. These plans can be either HMO or PPO.
  • Medi-Cal – These plans are designed for eligible low-income California residents.
  • Medicare Advantage California – This is a Medicare plan specifically for California residents.
  • Small business plans – These plans are reserved for small business owners who would like to provide their employees with health coverage.

All of HealthNet’s plans offer coverage for its policyholders who require mental or behavioral health treatment services, such as drug and alcohol rehab. The extent of your coverage, however, is based on policy details such as your deductible, co-insurance, and out-of-pocket maximums.

Addiction treatment services HealthNet may cover include:

  • Drug and alcohol detox
  • Treatment medications
  • Inpatient residential rehab
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP)
  • Intensive outpatient program (OP)
  • Outpatient program (OP)
  • Therapy sessions with counselors, psychiatrists, etc.
  • Mental health counseling and services

HealthNet also has a behavioral health services subsidiary called MHN. MHN specifically provides substance abuse and behavioral health services and programs to its members. MHN may also cover extended care programs and aftercare services.

Understanding Your HealthNet Insurance Coverage

Knowing what your plan covers can help you decide which drug rehab center to go to and how to pay for treatment. HealthNet offers several different types of health plans with varying deductibles and coverage. How much your HealthNet plan will cover is based on the details outlined in your plan’s policy as well as the type of treatment you need.

There are two simple ways you can learn about your HealthNet drug and alcohol rehab coverage. First, you can confirm your eligibility with HealthNet directly. By calling the number on the back of your insurance card, an agent can help you understand your health benefits and locate in-network providers near you.

California drug and alcohol rehab with HealthNet insurance

An easier, more convenient alternative is to contact an admissions coordinator at Sheer Recovery. Using your plan information and plan ID, one of our team members can verify your insurance benefits and explain your drug rehab coverage. We can also complete a phone assessment to determine which level of care you need to enter and what your estimated out-of-pocket costs will be.

Our free insurance verification process is risk-free and 100% confidential with no obligation required.

What if My Out-of-Pocket Costs are Too High?

Regardless of which drug rehab center you choose or which health plan you have, it’s likely that you will be responsible for some out-of-pocket costs. You can cover these costs using a combination of debit, credit, savings, or loans.

Sheer Recovery understands that many people struggling with addiction simply do not have the financial means to pay for rehab. That’s why our free financial assessment is dedicated to helping you find a way to cover your out-of-pocket costs. You may even qualify for financing or scholarship opportunities.

The perceived inability to pay for rehab should never hold you back from asking for help. No matter your financial situation, our admissions counselors can help.

Verify Your HealthNet Insurance Today

If you have HealthNet insurance or any of our other in-network providers, you can receive affordable addiction treatment in California at Sheer Recovery. The first step is to speak with one of our dedicated admissions coordinators who can verify your insurance and help you complete a free financial assessment so you can discover your payment options.

Our team is available 24 hours a day to help you start your recovery journey. Call today to get started or verify your insurance online.

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