Heroin Addiction Treatment Center in Orange County

Heroin is one of the most potent illicit drugs out there today. It’s an opiate, which means it plays on the pleasure receptors of the brain to create its euphoric high. That same powerful effect, however, has less pleasurable consequences, some of which can be extremely dangerous to your health and well-being, especially if you have a heroin addiction. 

Heroin can be taken in different ways—smoked, snorted or injected. It can be mixed with other drugs, such as crack cocaine, or taken on its own. Some health risks result from the way the drug is taken—for instance, when heroin is injected there is a greater chance of getting a communicable disease such as hepatitis C or HIV. Other side effects are short term, while others manifest after a long period of extensive heroin use. 

After taking a hit of heroin, you may feel several immediate effects, such as nausea or a dry mouth. Your limbs may feel weighted down and you skin may feel warm and itchy. Because of heroin’s opiate effect on the brain, your breathing and heart rate may slow down and you can start to drift off. If you take too much heroin, this can lead to unconsciousness and your heart rate may stop, which can lead to an overdose. 

Continued heroin abuse can ravage your health. The list of long-term side effects is a long one: liver and kidney disease, insomnia, heart infection, lung problems such as pneumonia, depression and constipation, among others. If there are additives mixed with the heroin, those have the potential to cause organ damage. Even an overdose can cause lasting complications such as brain damage—if you are lucky enough to survive.  

Are You Addicted to Heroin? 

Do you or a loved one show signs and symptoms of being addicted to heroin? Take our free, online and confidential heroin addiction self assessment today to find out.

It is very easy to develop a heroin addiction. Once the brain becomes accustomed to the powerful opiate effect, it will spark a craving for more of it. Usually, as you continue to use heroin you will need to use more and more of it to get that same initial high. A tolerance for heroin can turn into a dependence and soon you may find yourself desperate to get your hands on the drug to satisfy your brain’s urges. If that describes your situation, you are likely addicted to heroin. 

What to Expect During Substance Abuse Treatment

Your addiction, which can also be called substance use disorder, has the potential to wreck your life. Once you are in the grip of heroin, you may be tempted to abandon your other responsibilities at work and at home to chase your high. If you try to quit a heroin addiction on your own, you may experience severe withdrawal symptoms such as muscle pain, disrupted sleep, vomiting and diarrhea, cravings and restlessness. 

If you are addicted to heroin, you should seek out professional treatment. At Sheer Recovery, our experienced staff can help you work through the detoxification process and deal with the issues at the heart of your addiction. Don’t let your heroin use overtake your life and ruin your health; get the help you need today.  

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