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Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation & Detox Centers - San Juan CapistranoWhen you are receiving inpatient treatment for an addiction, you want to be in a place where you feel safe and secure. Your comfort should be assured, so that you can focus on healing and working towards your sobriety. At Sheer Recovery, we provide an Orange County rehab facility that checks all those boxes, and more.  

In Orange County, drug rehab centers are plentiful. But only at Sheer Recovery can you find an inviting home treatment center that offers top-notch amenities that serve to support your recovery experience. Our facility isn’t the only thing that’s high-level—our staff members will be with you during every step of the treatment process to offer their expert, knowledgeable guidance and advice. At our facility, you will find acceptance and empathy, and you’ll receive the education you need to work through the issues underlying your addiction so you have better chances of maintaining sobriety once you are back at your own home. 

Our Orange County alcohol rehab home is based in the beautiful city of San Juan Capistrano. Located in the southern part of the county, this city is rich in history as the home to Mission San Juan Capistrano, part of California’s legendary chain of 21 missions that was founded in 1768. In addition to this historical legacy, San Juan Capistrano is a city that exudes health and wellness. It is ideally located near parks and beaches, so there are plenty of opportunities for people to be outdoors kayaking, biking, hiking and more in the temperate climate. Stately and shady sycamore trees are plentiful and are a hallmark of the town and its trails. San Juan Capistrano is a lovely city with a peaceful, tranquil vibe that is perfect for self-reflection.  

Within the picturesque setting of San Juan Capistrano, the Sheer Recovery home is a beautiful mansion that offers privacy and serenity. Rooms are tastefully decorated, and they have ocean or partial-ocean views. You will immediately feel at ease once you get settled in. The home also offers many executive-level amenities that align with our high standards for what your recovery experience should be like. There is a hot tub for relaxation, a pool where you can swim laps and get a jump start on creating a new fitness program and a game room for getting to know fellow clients, among many other amenities.  

Detox and Residential Stabilization

Upon admission the client enters our Detox and Residential Phase.  Our detox properties offer the following accommodations: sweeping ocean views, private and semi-private rooms,  well prepared meals, 24/7 staff support,  swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and many other amenities.

The support of a comfortable environment is important, but only supplements the overall process.   In Detox the physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms must immediately be addressed.   We begin with a comprehensive toxicology report

Once we have an understanding of what toxins are in the body you will have a face to face meeting with our Doctor.  The doctor and staff will provide a customized detox plan that will work best for you individually.  A typical detox process will range from five to ten days.  Our goal is to remove all of the toxins in your body safely and comfortably.

At the completion of detox you will be ready to begin treatment activities such as working with a case manager, therapist and group work.  This stage is where the foundation for your recovery begins as we address not only the physical but the emotional and psychological effects of the disease.

The Detox and Residential stabilization process typically ranges from 7 to 30 days.

If you are looking for an Orange County rehab facility that offers an optimal environment for working on recovery within a beautiful setting, then Sheer Recovery is the choice that will meet all your needs. Our admissions team is happy to speak with you and answer any questions you have about our facility, or about any of our treatment programs. If you would like, you can even schedule a tour of the facility to see firsthand how ideal it is. You won’t feel as if you “have” to be there—you will “want” to be there to finally take the time to understand your addiction and how you can overcome it. We want you to feel at home in our home. 



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