Am I Addicted to Marijuana?

Marijuana may be legal for recreational or medical use in many places in America, but that doesn’t mean you can use the drug without consequence. When it comes to drugs, it is easy for use to quickly slide to misuse, and that can be the case with marijuana. If you can’t picture getting through the day without a quick hit, then it may be time to ask yourself the question, “Am I addicted to marijuana?”

Marijuana use disorder occurs when you develop a dependence on the drug. It’s not uncommon—the National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates about 30% of Americans grapple with this disorder. The danger of marijuana dependence is that it can lead to increased use—the more marijuana you ingest, the more tolerant of it you become, which means you need to take more of the drug more frequently to get the high you want. Too much marijuana can cause you to lose focus on your normal activities and responsibilities, and that indicates your drug use has become a problem.

Marijuana Addiction Facts

Marijuana is not considered as hazardous for your health as illegal drugs such as cocaine—there is a lower risk of addiction, withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness or changes in mood aren’t as intense, and the possibility of overdosing is extremely rare. But marijuana can still alter your brain chemistry, acting as opiates do to potentially encourage marijuana dependence and addiction. Some strains of marijuana are also stronger than others, and their continued use might also lead more easily to marijuana use disorder. There are also potential risks if marijuana use is combined with alcohol consumption, which can impair judgement. Some people may also find themselves dealing with a co-occurring mental health issue.

There aren’t many marijuana addiction symptoms to watch for, other than the increased tolerance and dependence. There are some potential increased risks of certain problems, such as respiratory issues, clouded perception or thought patterns, or difficulty remembering things. So you may think it’s not worth asking, “Am I addicted to marijuana?” but you should still examine whether your use is interfering with your normal life. If you can’t concentrate on work or call in sick because of your marijuana use, it can jeopardize your career. Your connections with family and friends may fray because you are focused on getting high, instead of spending time on these important relationships. And even though marijuana may be legal where you live, research is still ongoing on how the drug affects our physical, mental, and emotional health.

Don’t let marijuana use take over your life. Spend a few minutes taking our free and confidential marijuana addiction self-assessment. If you decide you need to free yourself from a marijuana use disorder, contact our team at Sheer Recovery. Our expertise and professionalism can provide you with the necessary help you need to lead a life free from marijuana dependency.

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