Optional Services for Addiction Treatment

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Sheer Recovery is dedicated to providing the best in patient care, support, and choice. That’s why we offer additional services above and beyond standard treatment, so that our clients have access to alternative treatments and complimentary therapies. These services may require additional fees, which your insurance may cover. Please ask your treatment advisor for more details.

Physical Therapy for Addiction

Sheer Recovery partners with PHYSrecovery to provide physical therapy services for addiction. PHYSrecovery specializes in helping patients to overcome the physical consequences of addiction. We chose to partner with them because they offer individualized programs to restore, maintain, and promote physical function, complimenting the holistic approach taken by Sheer Recovery.


Modern medicine is increasingly recognizing the need to treat addiction as a holistic problem, which involves the physical body. The ultimate goal is to ensure every one of our patients leaves with the physical and mental health to live a good life.

PHYSrecovery offers solutions focused around strength and conditioning, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and diet/nutrition. They also offer addiction-specific recovery tracts for pain management, neurological impairment, and musculoskeletal impairments. These tracts include full personalization to the individual, with therapy including everything from sensory re-education to fall-prevention and vestibular therapy. Your course is fully determined by your personal trainer, who tailors the course, level, and frequency of training to the individual, their fitness level, and their needs.

Chiropractic Rehabilitation Services

Sheer RecoveryChiropractic-alignment partners with Fox Chiropractic Services to offer chiropractic services for rehabilitation to our patients. This partnership ensures our patients have access to off-site chiropractic care provided by Dr. Fox D.C., Q.M.E., for the duration of the rehabilitation treatment.

Chiropractic addiction treatment functions as a complimentary therapy, intended to provide relaxation, exercise, and spinal alignment. Leading theory suggests that correcting misalignments of the neck and spine can help to regulate neurotransmitters through the body, improving emotional and behavioral regulation. These treatments are commonly used to help patients stop smoking, regulate eating habits, lose weight, and regulate weight loss under the assumption that the central nervous system (which includes the spine), is heavily affected by misalignment in the spine. Chiropractors work to solve misalignment allowing for better distribution and regulation of those neurotransmitters. Chiropractic treatments for subluxations, or partial joint dislocations, which most people are not aware they have, are also thought to greatly increase temporary production of serotonin and dopamine through pain-relief and allowing the body to fully relax, resulting in a happier and healthier patient.

Other leading theories suggest chiropractic rehabilitation could be useful in helping individuals to relax, to improve muscle tone, and to recover from the physical rigors of substance abuse.

Fox Chiropractic services utilizes spinal manipulation, therapeutic exercise (gym), physical therapy modalities, massage therapy (Thai, Hot Stones, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Myofascial Release), and non-surgical spinal decompression for the low back and neck using DRX machines.

Pharmacogenetic Testing for Addiction

Pharmacogenetic testing is increasingly viewed as crucial to offering quality medical care in any setting. Sheer Recovery utilizes pharmacogenetic testing to increase our understanding of how individuals react to drugs they are taking as well as how they might adversely react to medication, and to take a genetics-informed approach to drug treatment.

Pharmacogenetic testing is a preventive physical test that allows us to determine what side-effects you might have to medication, to tailor medication recommendations based on genetic profile, and to hopefully avoid using medications that either do not work or which cause unnecessary side effects. It also allows us to offer a long-term risk-management strategy such as minimizing substance use or avoiding it completely based on whether risks for addiction are primarily behavioral or primarily genetic.

In most cases, your pharmacogenetic test can be completed in a few seconds. We receive results back about 3 business days after sending them to the laboratory for analysis. The report typically lists an analysis of concerns and recommendations with predicted metabolism for over 250 drugs, allowing us to tailor further recommendations to your needs.

We accept a wide variety of different insurance plans.

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