Meet Our Staff


Sheer Recovery is one of the most sought after substance abuse and mental health facilities in the country.  Sheer boasts an established team of licensed professionals and clinicians dedicated to success in recovery.  Life Acquisition is our motto.  We believe recovery goes beyond the addiction, recovery is about getting your life back. Sheer Recovery has an emphasis on both mental health and substance abuse. The mental health aspects of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD as a co-occurring disorder is a primary focus of the recovery plan.  Our social model is based on client care and the success of each individual.


Don Earhart


Don Earhart presents “Sheer Recovery!” The culmination of his life’s work in caring for others struggling with the disease of addiction. With over two decades of sobriety, his professional experience and personal insight enable the delivery of cutting edge treatment in a safe, comfortable environment with life changing results.

Anthony Valanos

Admissions Director

Anthony is the Admissions Director. He is currently a Registered Addiction Specialist who also holds his CATC. Anthony has worked in the industry for over seven years and is credited with over 1,000 successful admissions to rehab.
Anthony received his Bachelor of Science from the University of San Diego in 2003. He specializes in intervention and admission to treatment.

Lisa Merry

Clinical Director, LMFT

Lisa Merry is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 20 years in the treatment industry and 26 years of personal recovery. Her professional career has given her unique experiences to assist in creating treatment programs that are based on ethical and evidence-based modalities, for both substance abuse and mental health programs. She has been a leader in the Christ-Centered recovery program at Saddleback Church, called Celebrate Recovery, for over 25 years. Lisa has a passion for helping people overcome addiction and mental health issues through compassion, education, and finding purpose in their lives. Lisa is thrilled to be part of the Sheer Recovery Team and helping to encourage, motivate, and develop our family of staff.

Alan Massie

Operations Director

Alan has battled with addiction for over 20 years. In 2009, he made the decision to face his fears and enter drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Now, with eight years of sobriety, he is able to focus on his passion and give back to those who still struggle with the disease. Alan has worked in the addiction treatment field for the past seven years; he has held various positions in the field from support staff to program manager. Alan’s unique experience holding several different positions allows him to help facilitate a smooth program for all clients while in treatment. Alan’s ability to interact with the clients is unsurpassed. He is able to “connect” with each and every client and he wears his heart on his sleeve.  He leads by great example and he is looked up to and held in the highest of regard by the clients and staff alike.

Alex Peterson

Detox Director, CATC II

Alex has been working in the recovery community since 2015.  He has earned a certification in Drug and Alcohol Studies as well as an Associate’s degree in psychology through Saddleback College.  Alex’s core beliefs and years of experience in the clinical aspect of treatment has made him a compassionate, caring, and understanding individual he is today, which  includes helping struggling addicts and alcoholics surrender and build a new life on their journey in recovery.  Alex’s ultimate goal in working with those he serves is to inspire a value-based and purpose-driven participation in life and gives each client the highest level respect and care.

Craig Jewett

Compliance Consultant

Craig has been working in the addiction treatment industry since 1998. He has learned quite a bit in the past two decades; most importantly integrity, compassion, hard work, and the ability to remain teachable are the values necessary for positive outcomes in this profession.  His knowledge and expertise in the industry allow Craig to effectively pass the message along to the community of clients in the Sheer Recovery program.

Mick Armfield

Admissions Consultant

Mick brings with him over two years of experience as an admissions/intake coordinator in the addiction treatment field and over 30 years of sales and business development experience. By using compassion and drawing on his life experiences, his overall goal is to provide resources to those individuals suffering from substance abuse and help them find freedom from their addiction. Mick finds great purpose and internal gratification by assisting others into recovery to build their new lives.

Dustin Berk

Admissions Consultant

Dustin received his Associates Degree at OCC before going on to complete his Bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University.  After joining the Sheer Recovery admissions team in 2017 Dustin has been able to help hundreds of clients to choose recovery and admit to treatment.  Dustin has a tremendous ability to bring family and loved ones together in a time of stress.  His dependability and experience working with both the court and probation department for legal issues has helped many of his clients to lead successful lives after treatment.  Dustin is also helpful in processing FMLA paperwork in order to protect each clients job and workplace while they are in treatment.