Total Abstinence from Substance Use

Sheer Recovery Promotes Total Abstinence from Substance Use

In addition to treating substance abuse we treat any underlying mental health issues that fuel addiction. We are a true Dual Diagnosis treatment center. Our focus is to treat all conditions affecting the client’s well-being.

We provide services that are designed to:

  • Improve the client’s ability to manage the tasks of daily living, including family, social, occupational, and educational responsibilities
  • Stabilize each client’s symptoms both in terms of substance issues, as well as mental health issues
  • Help clients develop and apply recovery skills with the support of a recovery network
  • Develop and practice health-promoting behaviors, and relapse prevention



Services include a range of cognitive, behavioral, and other therapies administered on an individual and group basis. Trauma informed care is woven into everything we do while cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is often utilized to ensure that clients understand their distorted ways of thinking and dysfunctional ways of behaving, thus empowering them to find better ways of managing their own choices. This is complemented by dialectal behavioral therapy (DBT) which supports our clients’ ability to resist the destructive impulses they sometimes give way to and help them find ways of tolerating periods of discomfort by using those as opportunities for growth, especially with the support systems we help them to begin creating or restoring for themselves.

Educational groups are also used to impart information and empower our clients around issues such as addiction, communication and relationship skills, health promotion, and medication management. Clients are taught new ways of managing their distress with the following:

  • Mindfulness and meditation groups
  • Relaxation therapy using strategies such as deep breathing, visual imagery, and progressive muscle relaxation
  • Somatic therapies such as acupressure and massage therapy
  • Fitness activities such as workout sessions, nature walks, and yoga
  • Expressive therapies including both art and music therapy
  • Activities designed to improve self-esteem and body image



In essence, this program provides expertise in trauma informed care and treatment modalities proven to be effective in managing the symptoms associated with disorders such as depression and anxiety. We have our own independent research consultant to ensure that we are constantly examining our outcomes in comparison to other market leaders. This allows us to use evidence-based practices in a way that promotes optimal outcomes in our constant pursuit of excellence.

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